How it all began - Dot's Vision

Belize Outreach began with a vision in 1982. My husband, Dennis, myself, Dot Dorothy, and our two children Jay and Robin were living in Eliot, Maine. I was looking out through a back window of our house one day and had a very unusual vision. I saw these little huts grouped close together. Soon a bell rang and all these people of different nationalities came out and went into this open area building that had a roof over it. I asked the Lord if that meant that we were to build huts out back. He impressed on me 'No' and it was left for me to wonder about. Soon after, while we were at church in Wells, Maine, a man who often came to our service told me about a church group from Kennebec, Maine. They were going on a two week mission trip to Belize and that he was part of the group. He suggested to me that I should check with the team leader and ask about being part of the group. Immediately the Holy Spirit impressed upon me that this was meant to be. I talked with the team leader. She told me that all the tickets previously bought were taken and that I would not be able to go on this mission trip. Again the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said be bold. I than asked her if she would recheck all her paper work on this mission trip just to be sure. She did and said, to her surprise, that there was one ticket left. But, in order for me to go I would have to raise a fair sum of money in just two weeks.

The Lord was faithful and the money was raised and I went with the group. The mission trip was to a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) base in Roaring Creek Village in the Cayo District of Belize. When the group arrived they had to cross the Belize River by a small boat and up a bank to a community building, an open area building. As she got close to the building a bell rang and all these people of various nationalities came out of all these little huts on the other side of the open area building and were heading there for supper. This was my vision.

Since then I have made a number of short term mission trips to Belize at the YWAM base for anywhere from two weeks to three months. Dennis went with me on one of the two week mission trips. These mission trips were not only meant to serve the Lord in Belize, but it was also a lesson on ministering to the people of Belize. As with any people you minister to, one needs to know about them, their culture and their ways. As a result I have come to love the people of Belize as well as the country of Belize.

I believe ever since my first mission trip to Belize, I knew that the Lord was calling me there to minister and help the Belize people. In late 1997 Dennis also felt called to Belize and in June of 1998 took an early retirement from his job. The two of us took a Crossroads Discipleship Training Course with YWAM Twin Oaks Ranch in Garden Valley, Texas. The intent of this course was to build a deeper relationship with the Lord and to ready one's self for missions. After we graduated we went back to Maine in order to sell our home and tie up lose ends and head to Belize as we were accepted as staff at the YWAM base there.

Dennis and I served two years at YWAM in Belize in various duties. He worked with short term teams and later in accounting. I served in various rolls including the Christian pre-school YWAM has off base for children of Roaring Creek. This experience ties into our goals for Belize Outreach. After two years we were impressed to leave YWAM. We established a new home in Lindale, Texas, near where we did our discipleship schooling.

Although we loved East Texas, I soon felt restless and the need to go back to Belize. YWAM was not the answer for us. It is a wonderful mission organization and the experience and blessings we received there, we would not trade for anything. However, the type of ministering we were called to do required something else. Thus, in July of 2002, Belize Outreach was born with the express purpose of bringing people to Christ and meeting there needs. It was established as a tax exempt 501(C) (3) non-prophet organization by the IRS in July 2002.

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