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When I was small, I was afraid

Teacher helped me, and art I made
I splashed in water, collected worms
Never knowing how much I learned
Pretending how to put out the fire
I was a prince, a princess, a crown of bended


I practiced how to write my name
and soon enough it brought me fame
Exploring, discovering, creative play
Is what we did everyday
This was the greatest place to grow
Now off to primary I will go
My head held high
I will try not to cry


 The heart of Belize Outreach is our Christian Pre-School, Precious Jewels. The 9th year (2014-2015) has just started. We moved out of the Community Center as it was no longer safe for students or faculty due to toxicity from bat dung in the ceilings.  We are temporarily using a building that was previously a store in Tea Kettle.


 If funds come in the foundation will be started as we do have land for a new school. Our goal is to have a school that can continue even if We (Dot and Dennis Weeks) are unable to continue with missions. Don’t worry, plan to be around a while.


 Dot came home the 15th of January and will be headed back to Belize on Oct 21st of this year.

Among other things, she has been trying to raise funds for the school. With Dot there, there will be three teachers, Dot, Rose and Dean. Dean is the only one who receives a minimal pay.


 I will be sending an update soon on the costs of building the new school and how anyone can help. Until then you can always contact us by email.


God bless

Dot and Dennis Weeks

Director and Co-director of Belize Outreach


“‘They shall be Mine,’ says the LORD of hosts,

‘On the day that I make them My jewels.’”

Malachi 3:17


 We chose this Scripture to reflect our desires for the children of Precious Jewels.



 Precious Jewels Preschool is the heart of Belize Outreach. Our goal is to instill in the minds of young children not only the basics of the education to prepare them for primary school, but to instill in them the basics of Christianity and a hunger to learn more about Jesus.


 This is the fifth year of Precious Jewels which started on our porch in Tea Kettle Village in the Cayo District of Belize.



Photo from our first year with Rose Jones assisting a boy.


 A second photo from our first year of preschool with Dot observing the children.


Our Preschool Motto is “Preparing the hearts and minds of our children to serve God and Belize”.






Dot is on her way back to Belize. While home she was not very  complacent. She was busy around the house and outside in the yard. Dot also spent much of her time for Precious Jewels and the needy people in Tea kettle Village there in the Cayo District of Belize. We filled eight 55 gallon plastic barrels full of school supplies, sneakers, clothes and needed parts for our mission van. The cost to ship these (by ship from Huston, Texas to Belize City, Belize) was over $1,040.00. Many items were donated. Many others were paid for by us (me, Dennis, and Dot)  We very much appreciate all those who helped financially toward the donations of the goods as well as donations towards the shipping cost. It didn’t cover all, but was a big help. Many of the items will be handed out, at no cost, to those of need. The school supplies will help the class of 2012/2013 (see pre-school photos 2013).
Our only paid teacher will soon be leaving soon for another job. Her past service is greatly appreciated.
There are some special people in Belize. One person, who passed away this past year, was Mr. Aswel,  We have known him for years. He was kind, very helpful to Rose Jones mother, who passed away a few years back. He was also very talented. In the photo you can see a bull he was making for Dot. We actually have a 5 foot crocodile he made for Dot in our back yard. It wasn’t easy getting that from Belize to Lindale, Texas.
Belize Outreach still has needs for sponsoring a child in preschool and money towards building a much needed new pre-school. Please click on “How you can help”.
God Bless from Dot, Dennis and Rose