Our Mission

Belize Outreach is headquartered in Lindale, Texas, but most of its mission is accomplished in Belize, Central America. It is probably best to read how it all began first to better understand what Belize Outreach is all about. Community Christian Fellowship CCF, in nearby Garden Valley, Texas is our home church.

In Belize we are closely associated with Prayer Mountain Ministries and Philadelphia Church in Tea Kettle Village in the Cayo District of Belize, an evangelical and mission orientated ministry. Prayer Mountain Ministries is overseen by Pastor Hann. He is a godly man who came to Belize along with his sister from his home country of South Korea. He went to Belize where he was sent by the Lord. He oversees seven churches including our church, Philadelphia church, in Tea Kettle Village. He and Prayer Mountain Ministries, is mission orientated and has a number of mission trips within Belize each year in which Belize Outreach participates. We are joined by Rose Jones, who is just like a daughter to us and who has been a tremendous aid in accomplishing the goals of reaching Belize for the Gospel of Christ and very much a part of our goals for the Gospel in the near future.

How are people reached in Belize?

The first year after we were recognized as a non-profit tax exempt corporation (IRS term, not ours), we sponsored a short term mission team from the Lindale, Texas area. They helped doing construction work at Prayer Mountain Ministries in the Cayo District of Belize as well as ministering in various places. Since then, Dot and Rose have ministered in all parts of Belize. As mentioned above, Dot and Rose have gone to all parts of Belize along with others with Prayer Mountain Ministry mission journeys to reach the lost, help assist various churches Spanish, English and Creole and do whatever they were asked or led by the Lord to do. In addition, the first Belize Outreach van was worn out from being used in evangelism as an ambulance many times and for simply helping people in need. Dot and Rose have come across brutal slayings and attempted murders in Tea Kettle Village Belize Outreach Headquarters while in Belize. Unfortunately there is a lot of violence in Belize. A lot of this is do to rampant drug and alcohol use. They need Jesus. Visitation of the sick, people needing someone to talk to and others who need ministering to. To get a better picture of what the Cayo district of Belize is like go to Cayo Belize. We will be sponsoring a medical clinic here in the Cayo district headed by Dr. Kerford Walker of East Texas in the next few months and are open to short term church teams. This year will also be a time of evangelizing, visitation and ministering to the needs of Belize much like it was in our last long term stay.

Our mission in Belize will not change. But as part of that mission our goal is to build a Christian Pre-school to both educate young children and teach them the basics of the love of Jesus. We have the land and hope to build the foundation soon. That is it in a nut shell. If you have any questions not covered here about Belize Outreach, do not hesitate to Contact Us.